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Maharishi Kids Homes are conceived to nurture the budding generation to a responsible citizen of the nation.

We ensure in Maharishi Kids Homes a combination of traditional and modern education system.

The growing kids are imparted with the rich Indian traditions and its practical implications such as the daily mantras for every occasion. Inculcating the glorious Vedic traditions coupled with the todays need. The glorious past of the Indian culture is taught that keeps us distinctly different than others.

Maharishi Kids Homes are well equipped with the children friendly furniture that are devoid of the sharp edges thus ensuring safety for kids.

Play materials are also very good quality and soft enough for the kids use.

The entire environment is created inside the Maharishi Kids Home children friendly wherein the kids learn with activities and fun which registers in the mind.

This is ensured that the sufficient space must be available for the amusement and learning of the tiny tots.

Maharishi kids Homes are blend of knowledge and culture, an obvious need of the kid’s overall development.

Why Choose US

  • Value based education.
  • Conscious based learning.
  • Focus on extra-curricular activities.
  • Play & Learn methodology.

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: Phase -I , C - Sector, Opposite ISRO
      Guest House , Ayodhya Nagar
      Bhopal, (Madhya Pradesh), India 462041

: 0755 - 3595020

: 8319412253


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